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Party Rats: Ideal For Night Blogging!

(WARNING: This post is non-babyh8-rel8ed!)

Go figure that the night I get to some serious night blogging, I can only find two of my party rats, and the lights are out on both of them. 

Though mired with setbacks, I will courageously blog on. My computer (a hand me down) is quite possibly the shittiest piece of shit ever: Eee PC with a screen crack that renders the top left sector of the screen unusable. Oh, and watching any sort of streaming video on this device is a torturously slow and choppy. How am I supposed to catch up on my YouTubes at the end of a long, exhausting weekend of interacting with other humanoids IRL?

So, what have I done with these many sleepless nights? I’ve pulled the ultimate DOUCHE MOVE of creating one’s own Facebook page (page, not profile), due to a worsening case of FB inbox overload. There’s not much up , but I promise that this new Annie Gaus Facebook page is totally going to be PARTY CENTRAL.

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Handsome, Courageous Tim Gunn Calls Suri Cruise Out on her Shit

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